3 Travel Tips for Seniors With Mobility Issues


Travel is one of the most wonderful experiences we can have, regardless of our age. However, travel offers even more benefits as we get older, as we have more free time to devote to this wonderful hobby. It can be enriching and entertaining, which is why so many people look forward to travel when the time comes. 

However, as we get older, we may experience mobility issues, and require extra care. For seniors who have trouble getting around, travel is still possible, yet needs to be approached with the right precautions. If you’re a senior with mobility issues looking to travel, here are some of the best tips to keep in mind for a safe and enjoyable trip.

Plan Ahead

One of the most important steps is researching ahead of time.  Get to know where you’re going, and what destinations are the most appropriate for your physical condition. Look for places known for accessibility and senior friendly amenities. For example, going somewhere with a lot of stairs or lack of elevators is probably not going to be the best place for you to choose. 

Many cities and countries are known for being very senior friendly, so keep these in mind when conducting your search, and make sure you choose the right one to ensure you enjoy your journey.

Consider Special Assistance

A little bit of foresight it goes a long way when it comes to organizing your trip. Consider organizing special assistance ahead of time. This can be arranged with your airline train, and even hotel by calling ahead and letting them know about your condition. 

It’s as simple as providing them with information about your needs so they can make the right arrangements. They are usually used to these kinds of requests, so don’t be afraid to call ahead and ask for them.  After all, you are a customer just like everybody else, and you deserve to be treated with the right service!

Pack Lightly

When it comes to packing, less is more. If you have mobility issues, then hauling around an extremely heavy bag is not going to do you any favors. Pack lightly and only bring absolutely what you need. From your medications, to the right clothing for whatever climate you’re visiting, make a list of everything you need, and only bring the essentials. This won’t just do you a service, but it also makes it easier for anyone who’s providing you assistance, as there’s less to think about and less to carry at the very worst if you forget something simple like toothpaste, or a pair of reading glasses, usually these kinds of things can be easily replaced as long as you’re not in an extremely remote location.

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