Benefits Of Australia Skilled Independent Visa 189


Skilled Independent visa subclass 189 is one of the most effective categories to obtain Australian permanent residence. If you want to be recognized as a skilled independent worker in Australia, it is necessary to choose a kind of skilled independent visa which brings various significant benefits that we are going to discuss throughout this post.

The Skilled Independent Visa 189 is Australia’s permanent residence visa that is specifically created for highly qualified professionals who are looking to permanently move to Australia. This is one of the main benefits that you can enjoy of availing subclass 189.

This subclass visa is a category of PR visa that allows skilled workers to work professionally and stay in Australia permanently without any visa hassle. The most important feature of this visa is that the applicants can also apply for their family members, giving them the right to obtain Australia’s permanent residency. Unlike all other types of visas, this visa is based on points but is not sponsored by any of the family members or specific employer, not even including the state nomination. An individual can easily live and work as Australia’s permanent residents for the rest of their lives.

The best part of this subclass visa is that you do not require any kind of sponsorship from anyone. However, you have to meet minimum points in order to be eligible for this skilled independent visa 189. The skilled independent visa holder can reside anywhere in the country without any restrictions and can also apply for their house and children based on the same application they have applied for.

Once you receive the Skilled Independent Visa 189, you will be automatically entitled to many benefits provided by the government and employers. The Government of Australia will give you this visa when you are out of this country, and you will be provided with the specific date within which you, along with your family members, have to be in the country. Once you land in Australia based on skilled Independent visa 189, you can choose the region of your choice without any limitations.

Benefits of Skilled Development Visa Subclass 189

1.  Permanent Residency

This visa type allows the applicants to live permanently in Australia without any restrictions. The applicants can choose any reason of their choice and can travel freely throughout the country.

2.  Healthcare

Subclass 189 visa holders can have Direct Access to the Health Insurance Scheme provided by the Australian government. If you want to apply for this visa, make sure to apply through ICCRC registered consultants in UAE.

3.  Work And Study

You can freely work and study anywhere you like in Australia. This is one of the main benefits that allows you to work professionally and grow your educational credits at the same time.

4.  Family Sponsorship

You can easily apply to sponsor your spouse and children to stay with you in Australia based on skilled Independent visa 189.

5.  Multiple Entries

 You can make as many in and out of Australia as you want throughout the period of 5 years. However, after 5 years, you have to apply for a Resident Return Visa.

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