Celebrate Whale Migration in Style from The NSW Sapphire Coast


Whale watching, if done properly is an experience of a lifetime not to be shrugged at, even if you have seen a whale before, the chances are, you want to re-live that special moment.  You or may not be aware that Eden, based on the Sapphire Coast is one of the best locations to set off from and enjoy the day, make a real adventure of it for all the family to enjoy, here’s what to expect;

What is so special about Eden?

Eden is among the few sites on the planet where migrating Humpback Whales pass and feed on their journey to a warmer climate. The seas are teeming with all their favorite snacks, the whales frequently pause to graze which provides a perfect opportunity for you to see them up close whilst on a vessel, chewing on a sandwich and enjoying the finer things in life!

Few individuals ever get the opportunity to peer into the enormous mouth of a whale! The presence of so many whale species in these seas, as well as the fact that they move close to shore, makes Eden a perfect location for whale watching.

Make a proper day of it

There are numerous operators who can take you on a tour, if you want to go whale watching in Eden then you really should book a cruise which can include things like lunch, snacks a and a variety of hot or cold beverages. Either beforehand, or after your tour you could also visit some of the wonderful spots to conduct some shore-based whale viewing. There is a real sense of a ‘whale theme’ that you will experience when the Eden Killer Whale Museum blasts a siren as whales descend upon one of the observation locations in Twofold Bay.

You can make a real day of it, an adventure whether it be with friends or family, or by yourself. You would be hard pressed to find a better way of clearing the mind and achieving a deep feeling of, being one with nature when you go whale watching.

What will you see?

The majority of whales seen in the Eden region are Humpback whales on their way south, at the beginning of the season you will mostly observe mother/calf pods that regularly come directly into Twofold Bay. This allows the calves to relax and take a breather during their lengthy journey. Other species have been spotted off the coast of Eden in recent years, including Southern Rights, Blue, Dwarf Minke, Bryde’s, Orca, Pilot, Sperm, and various kinds of Beaked Whales.

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