Fun On The Cruiseship – Onboard Activities For the entire Family


For that landlubbers in our midst the idea of remaining on the ship for seven days or even more may appear somewhat bland. But folks without a doubt when you get bored on the cruiseship then you’ve got to be the type who’s only happy hanging from the fringe of a 300′ high cliff from your finger nails.

As soon as you board board the very first time your senses tell you just how you’re in for any ride. The environment is electrified readily while you go into the primary atrium and therefore are welcomed by ship staff (one ship we remained on announced each family within the ship PA system while you walked from the gangway in to the atrium – wow, discuss causing you to feel special).

Here are the activities you can have aboard and also on shore and You’ll agree that monotony isn’t an option while cruising through the warm waters from the Caribbean.

Pool Deck

Poolside is definitely a boisterous place with individuals swimming, chilling out within the spas, sitting in the bar having a drink, or simply hanging out a table with buddies speaking about what’s next. This is when this guitar rock band is setup which is present with see people being lead into some kind of dance with a crew member. Our days usually start and finish round the pool deck.

During the day you will see organized occasions around the stage at the lake. This may be a unique dance, a hairy chest contest – usually for that men, a men from the women challenge which often involves some silly activity that both sides attempt, as well as other fun event. Actually these activities will always be stylish and could be enjoyed by everyone.

Sports Deck

Up top there’s often a basketball court where one can shoot a couple of hoops or play a complete game within an event arranged through the crew, play some volleyball or as on a single ship get the opportunity to ride a Segway – a 2 wheeled upright people mover. Around the sports deck you are able to usually look for a couple of table tennis tables, small golf, or perhaps inline skate track. On Royal Caribbean’s Mariner from the Seas, in addition to other peoples within their fleet, there is a 30′ Mountain Climbing Wall. The ship provided all of the safety gear including helmets and harnesses and trained crew people required proper care of belaying for every climber.

Health spa and Gym

If you think exercising there is also a well complimented gym that contains various bits of fitness equipment for example treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical machines, weight machines and dumbells. They provide aerobic classes as well as for any who finalise to begin a workout regime onboard you could have among the personal fitness experts show you via a program created for your level of fitness.

For that epitome of pampering – hey that is what cruises do best – you are able to join special health spa treatment like a facial, pedicure, neck massage, back massage, or perhaps a full wrap. They can provide the full cosmetic treatment so that you can spend your day being prepared for the formal night.

Bars and Lounges

Require a break in the sun as well as heat you’ll be able to mind inside to one of the numerous bars and lounges that the ship will offer you. Would you fancy sports then mind towards the sports bar watching the most recent game. On the last cruise we viewed the Super Bowl game on the giant screen setup around the pool deck.

You may be within the mood for any stogey so why wouldn’t you mind towards the cigar club, or maybe music is the factor mind off and away to the piano bar for many soothing sounds and if you think joining in, why don’t you, the pianist always loves just a little company as you become an opportunity to sing your favorite tunes.

Once night hits you are able to take out your dancing footwear and mind off and away to the disco as well as for just a little boogeying.


Except for the Disney Magic almost every other ship we’ve been on were built with a casino. Now i’m not a gambler but I attempted my hands at roulette – and won! Before walking onto a cruiseship the only real gambling Used to do was purchasing the friday night lottery ticket so pointless to state I had been just a little intimidated to get familiar with anything apart from the slots. Now I needed to test among the tables, blackjack, roulette, poker, whatever but did not be aware of rules and so i hung round the tables and merely viewed people playing trying to get the guidelines. Well the dealers are willing to assist using the rules so that you can question them questions and they’ll explain the guidelines along the way. They can offer workout sessions through the cruise to be able to are able to test your hands in a game without getting to pony up any cash. Just consider it as it were why wouldn’t they would like to assist you to afterall the possibilities within their favor that they’ll finish track of your money anyway. Now me and my pals are regular fun gamblers and can mind towards the casino for any night or more to possess a little bit of fun and then try to win a couple of dollars simultaneously. I’ve got a limit and so i reserve $100 to risk and when it’s gone I am gone. However, you be aware of three occasions I performed roulette I arrived on the scene a champion every time – it feels all set home using the casino’s money.

Kids Club

The Children Club is really a enjoyable spot for the more youthful cruisers to spend time with buddies that belongs to them age. Qualified cruise staff will always be that the gym has to supervise the kids and lead them in a variety of activities for example games, crafts, tours, and sports. There’s another club for every age bracket so it’s not necessary to be worried about your 6 years old hanging using the teens. Sooner or later throughout the cruise they often get one night considered a night time in which the kids get the opportunity to remain up late using their pals. This is effective for that parents because they get the opportunity to dine at among the private dining rooms sans children.

You are able to give permission for that teenagers to sign themselves interior and exterior the club but more youthful children should be signed out and in with a pre-approved parent or protector.

So there’s no need to bother about the more youthful set being bored lounging at the lake all day long with mother and father. Rather you might be wondering why they appear to become getting more enjoyable than you.


Have you forget to create a magazine, not a problem, mind off and away to the ships library and remove novel to see or simply take a rest and sit within the quiet from the library and switch a couple of pages.

Internet Coffee shop

Simply because you’re cruising does not mean you need to be disconnected from all of those other world, although for a lot of, me incorporated, that’s the idea. You are able to mind to the web Coffee shop and send an e-mail to any or all your envious buddies home or simply surf the internet for some time and compensate for the most recent happenings.


There is also a chapel aboard that may accommodate a little group – did I hear someone say they desired to get wed! On the last cruise among the people in our group get wed aboard right before the ship traveled the world on the first day. Now this is a romantic wedding!


Food will most likely be among your most memorable encounters onboard. There’s plenty of it and also the variety will suit the pickiest of eaters. Most will agree the quantity and quality of food alone will pay for the cruise while you couldn’t manage to eat on land as if you do on the cruiseship and cut back money than the price of the cruise. It is good so that you can order off a menu that does not have prices.

As the food within the primary dining rooms and buffets is simply fantastic for individuals who might prefer to experience more romantic dining inside a quieter atmosphere there’s usually separate dining rooms that you could reserve for a small charge (usually around $20 per person). I have not found the meals much better however the atmosphere is unquestionably more romantic.


There’s an abundance of entertainment to enjoy onboard. You will find the pool deck band, the piano bar, karaoke, but the very best of all may be the evening entertainment within the primary theatre. Following a great meal within the dining area you are able to mind towards the primary theatre where every evening you’re able to notice a broadway like show with singers dancers along with a live band. What a method to finish your entire day!


Have you forget something in your own home hey don’t be concerned since you can mind towards the shopping deck and study around for any new shirt or dress, or purchase a new sun hat. If you’re within the mood to splurge you are able to mind towards the jewellery store and buy a new gemstone ring or even the latest Tag Heuer watch. Most ships even offer cost guarantees that safeguard you if you discover exactly the same item within the port of calls in a cheaper cost.

Shore Excursions

Most likely one the very best areas of cruise vacations are getting the chance to understand more about a few of the many islands scattered through the Caribbean. So you don’t only reach experience great dining and entertainment aboard but there is also an opportunity to leave the ship and mind off and away to some exotic island for an excursion. Imagine yourself lounging on the beautiful sandy beach in St. Martin or zip lining with the jungles of Belize, my personal favorite. Maybe you want to hop a cab and perform some site seeing round the island.

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