Great Golf Courses In Turkey


During the holidays and you have decided to visit Turkey and love playing golf, you would want to go to a hotel with a golf court. Once you go to your hotel, you can ask around about the best golf courses in the country. Playing golf is a great way to pass the time when you are in Turkey because you don’t know multiple places to visit, and through playing golf, you will meet multiple people who can show you around. Turkey on a golf holiday is a great idea when you visit Turkey.

Some of the best golf courses in Turkey are;

  • Carya golf club

Carya golf club is situated in Turkey’s tourist hot spot, one of the best golf courses. This particular golf course is the only one in this particular area. Thomson created this particular golf course. This place is great because it is usually very sunny and the weather is conducive for you to play your golf game. This particular golf course has a restaurant exclusive for its visitors. When you go out to play golf and feel hungry, this is the place for you.

  • Antalya PGA sultan golf club

This particular golf course is a challenging, competition-level, parkland-style golf course that blends into the forest settings and also has water hazards which defy each golf player. This particular golf course was created mainly for skilled golfers, and it is a 5-star hotel that is great for PGA players. This hotel has a private beach where visitors can go and enjoy the water and the sunset. Inside the hotel, there are four restaurants to choose from and four luxury bars.

  • Sueno Golf Club

This particular golf course was created using the PGA layout and bob hunt. This particular course has 20 lakes and 128 bunkers, and it has winding fairways. The Sueno golf club is a five-star resort that was opened in 2015, making it one of the newest golf courses in Turkey.

  • Montgomerie Maxx Royal golf club

The Montgomerie Maxx Royal golf club is located in Belek and has an 18-golf course, a golf school and a reliable workout establishment. This particular resort is excellent for VIP golfers. The hotel offers its guests a fantastic view of the Mediterranean, and it also has an indoor pool, spa and an additional area for food and drinks.

  • Gloria golf club

This particular resort has a fantastic ocean view, and it is the most known hotel amongst all the other Gloria resorts in the country. There are eight restaurants in this resort, and you have many options to choose from.


When you visit Turkey, and you love playing golf, or you are a golfer who is trying to find a place to practice your skills, then the resorts above are the best option for you.  Please do your research on these particular resorts so that you can know what they offer before you book yourself a hotel room. Other than practising you need a resort that has recreational facilities so that you could enjoy yourself too.

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