Staycation In Copenhagen: The Ultimate Itinerary For Wellness Check!


The stressful lives that we all lead today leave us with no time to take care of ourselves. Amidst all the work and social commitments we forget to take notice of our mental wellbeing, emotional selves and moods. The disturbance of the world slowly gets into us making us weak and disturbed from inside. Holidaying in these times comes as a chance to acknowledge one’s own self and spend time relaxing and rejuvenating.

A staycation is a holiday experience where you can stay in luxury properties, enjoy the amenities and have quality me time in a new city. The holiday apartments Copenhagen city centre promise you just that and more with its plethora of offerings!

Space the promises comfort

The luxury holiday apartments of Copenhagen are styled for luxury and comfort. Depciting the beauty of Danish architecture and glamorous interior décor, the place is build around with care to extend the warmest of hospitality to the guests. From penthouses, studio apartments to large spacious villas, the choices vary depending upon ones need. Lounging in these apartments promise the ultimate time of luxury and comfort!

Wellness and rejuvenation centers

The apartments are located in residential complexes that entail the best of amenities for the guests. For a therapeutic time unleashing stress and rejuvenating, the wellness centers and rejuvenation spaces are made for exquisite indulgence. From Yoga, spa to swimming pools, parks and meditation halls there are a number of activities you can do to savour your Me-time!

Relaxing by the café

The cafes of the residential complexes housing the apartments are designed to extend the warmest of evenings to the guests. While the coffee brewed as exquisite luxury, the plethora of facilities with them is incomparable. One can connect with the fellow travelers and locals to know more about the city, read books, listen to music or just enjoy the view of the city from the cafes.

Music lounges and food

Danish food has a remarkable taste and feel to it. And there is no better place to try it for yourself than the restaurants and cafes of the apartment hotels. With chefs renowned for their signature taste and dishes, the restaurants serve gourmet food paired with live music and lounging. On evening when you want to glam up and rest in some music, these are perfect indulgences.

Copenhagen apartments make for a quality staycation experience, the need is to make for an itinerary and try it for you!

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